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When it came to our #SHPEreads program, graduate students were the main focus in 2022. #SHPEreads: GRADS Edition brought together graduate students for a 90-minute session to read and discuss a journal article on a relevant topic. Each meeting was led by the paper’s author and gave graduate students the opportunity to not only learn from the author and the paper’s content but also from each other.

Session Topics and Speakers:
Engineering students and Professionals Living with a Mental Illness
Dr. Matilde Sánchez-Peña
Hidden Curriculum in Engineering
Dr. Idalis Villanueva Alarcón
Surviving, Thriving, Departing, and the Hidden Competencies of Engineering Graduate School
Dr. Catherine Berdanier
The Mentoring Experiences of Latinx PhD Students with Faculty of Color
Stephen Santa-Ramirez, Ph.D
The Rising Doctoral Institute
Dr. Juan Manuel Cruz Bohorquez
LGBTQ+ in Engineering
Jerry A. Yang
Words Matter: On the Debate over Free Speech, Inclusivity, and Academic Excellence
Professor John M. Herbert
Processing the Process: Some Steps, Suggestions, and Resources for Navigating and Writing the Thesis or Dissertation
Garrett I. Colón

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